Serious discussion on 7 on 7

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Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by BSFootballDad » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:36 pm

I have went to several 7 on 7 tournaments and would like to have a serious discussion on 7 on 7 (if at all possible :?: ). Biggest question is what are your thoughts on these tourneys and do they help?

My response:
First off, I know it's not real football, but they have a football out there and whistles are blowing and it gets me pumped to know football season is coming.

Pro: I can see how some coaches find some very valuable reps coming out of these tourneys and finding players that may be able to help out during the year. I can easily see how it can help the offense with timing stuff up and forcing them to get some, if not all, of their passing offense during the summer. Defensively, coaches can find players that may be very "football knowledgeable" and see who can break on plays.
Con: Injuries. How many times has a kid been hurt in a tourney that may effect his regular season? (I don't know but I would say that even 1 injury, would be enough.) Is it real football? Yes, it is exciting to watch, once you know the rules on scoring, but there is no OL or DL? Trenches, dirt diggers, HAWGS, 3 yards and a cloud of dust? I say this because I understand the pass game is more exciting, but if you can't run it, you are probably not going to be able to pass it? Offensively, it's fun and exciting. Defensively, it's a feeding frenzy. It's pass every time!!!! (that could be a pro and a con).

Just wondering about others opinions and thoughts? Football is coming everybody! Wishing all teams a healthy, productive July and August.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by Trojanlatex » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:40 pm

To me personally it helps the defensive backs more than the receivers. The receivers don't get jammed at the line for one to try and throw off timing. Secondly the quarterback is not under duress and running for his life trying to get off a pass. The defensive backs have to stick to their man more. Less zone and more man to man coverage.
Most receivers run specific routes over and over to familiarize the offensive plays. Usually the advantage goes to the receiver especially if you have young and inexperienced defensive backs.
I think overall 7 on 7 can help coaches learn what they struggle with and how to get better. Injuries is the one thing I hate to have happen to the hard working young men.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by PurpleandOrange » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:06 am

I believe 7on7's can be a positive thing when used as an actual teaching tool. Injuries happen in practice also so I think you have to discount that as an unfortunate price you pay to get better. The players are in the heat, competing against true opponents that help step their game up, and are continually being challenged.
The QB's are blessed to know they won't get blindsided but are also under duress knowing they have to get the ball out in 4 seconds. They can't elude a defender to buy a couple of seconds rolling out which is a big part of some QB's games. They also don't have the benefit of a running game to keep defenses honest. Everyone knows your throwing it and this is where the breakdown is with some coaching staffs. There are teams that don't make the LB's line up correctly and automatically have them dropped in coverage. This isn't helping prepare them for the coming season. The QB's not having to throw over linemen is also a huge negative as they tend to throw very flat passes that they would never get away with in a true game.
As for the receivers and DB's. It shows how important good route running is and the DB's get tested every snap. What's not to like? I think 7on7's are beneficial but have to be kept in perspective. Would that receiver really have caught the ball over the middle if he knew he was about to be de-cleated? One can only wonder.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by utrocket99 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:30 am

Depends on what type of offense you run as well. A running oriented offense is not going to find much value in a 7 on 7. If your QB come September is only going to be dropping back 5 times a game then spending time at a passing tournament is just going to be spinning your wheels. I think if you have a young QB who has not had many snaps against varsity level DB's it can be valuable in terms of easing the pressure off the young man. Then again a summer tuesday morning versus a friday september night is a whole another ball game environment wise. The tournaments themselves can be confidence boosters but as history as proven, 7 on 7 success does not always translate into success when it counts.

In many ways though I feel 7 on 7's are glorified intramural games.

By the way injuries can happen anywhere anytime. Your stud WR could be at the local park playing a pick up bball game and blow out his knee. No control over that. Sometimes life happens.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by region2 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:33 am

I see these things as being much more beneficial for DB reps than for anything else. Route running, timing with the QB, can be worked on at any time. Without the QB, or receivers, not having to worry about getting hit, not sure it really is a benefit other than you are probably playing at game speed more than you would against nobody. Good for reps, but the game totally changes when you put the lineman into play. And playing in a competitive situation has to do one more good than just going through drills. Some take the seriousness over the top, but overall it is a good thing I suppose.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by Beanie » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:39 pm

One aspect I like is it gets kids competing. Lots of lessons to learn from physical competition. Can you trust the guy? Will he flourish under pressure? How will he bounce back if he gets beat on a deep ball? How will he handle success? Will he be rattled if he receives some smack talk from the other sideline? Will he keep composure?

All of the above are underrated aspects of the benefits of 7on7 tournaments.
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Re: Serious discussion on 7 on 7

by Wildstallion2 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:11 am

I think that the 7 on 7's help the Quarterbacks out a lot, especially with passing into tight coverage, and throwing to receivers that are on the run, also you don't have someone on the sidelines giving you play calls much, so the Quarterback is more free to think for himself before he reacts, this is good during a real game situation when a play falls apart, to be able to improvise and extend the play. Also Teams need to have their backup Quarterbacks, Receivers, D-Backs etc.. competing in these Tournaments to help get them ready to take over when needed.
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