Dillon/Havelock '19 and 20

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Re: Dillon/Havelock '19 and 20

Postby All We Do Is Win » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:03 am

[quote=“FORTD2K”]It is but saw a team from near Memphis came to North Charleston high for a game the season before last. But Alcoa vs Dillon would be worth the price. When I first moved here all I hear was Alcoa and Maryville and for good reasons. But would settle for a fort d vs Dillon game. i do come home most weekends so taking in a Dillon game wouldn’t be an issue. Lol[/quote]

I looked up the Alcoa team on YouTube, watched some highlights on them. I don’t think they could compete with Dillon. It’d be over by halftime. They are more of on Newberry’s level prly even a little bit worse in my opinion
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