Region best coaches!!!

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Region best coaches!!!

Postby Viking1 » Wed May 01, 2013 10:08 am

Who are the top coaches in whatever regions you follow.

I follow Region 2 4A so...
1.Chris Miller - Spartanburg
2.Bobby Bentley - Byrnes
3t. Dave Gutshall -Dorman
3t. Dan Jones - Gaffney
5t. Doug Shaw - Mauldin
5t. Kent Haltiwanger- Wade Hampton
5t. Phil Smith - Riverside

I will try to crack Region 3 3A...
1t. Brain Lane - Woodruff
1t. Steve Tanneyhill - Union
2. Jet Turner - Broome
3t. Lynn Fleming - Chesnee
3t. Mark Hodge - Chapman
4. Anthony Sterling - Chester

Give your thoughts.
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