Dillon "Got Rings"

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Re: Dillon "Got Rings"

by Wildstallion2 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:48 pm

Carolinasports wrote:[quote=“All We Do Is Win”][quote=“Carolinasports”]I would love to see Dillon schedule some of the elite 4A & 5A teams. They would not be a push over against any of them. I doubt any of them would bite.

Only 4A team that would have something for us is South Pointe.[/quote]

Take out DERION KENDRICK(Clemson) they're not the same team. Great program, but huge difference with him out of the line up.[/quote] South Pointe is just like Dillon, we are reloading, and we have some more Derion Kendrick's on the way, just wait and see. Derion Kendrick actually has a younger brother that is coming up, and he is a BALLER already.
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