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Re: McCormick

by BiLlYdAkIDd » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:23 am

[quote=“ST Rebels 72”][quote=“BiLlYdAkIDd”][quote=“ST Rebels 72”]Once again I ask the question of why leave this great higher paying job that wants you to stay, to try and return to a much lower paying job that didn’t want you to leave? I think they made the right choice, because they want someone who will stick around and not be a flight risk if the right pay presents itself again.[/quote]

Aiken paid more than McCormick, but, not as much as you think.........or as much as i would have thought........Neal still lives in 96 where his kids and grandkids are and he is not moving........he has chosen family over career.......the drive every day to aiken got really long and when everything was weighed in the balance, including the issues at aiken with turning that program around, the McCormick job served him better......everything that glitters ain’t gold........McCormick will continue their losing tradition under this new and see........[/quote]

I rest my case. Not only is he not that good of a coach, he’s not that smart either. Let me see....I have a community and team that supports me and we just went to the state championship, but in my infinite wisdom, I decide to leave after a few seasons to take a job that requires me to commute from 96 to Aiken for just a few dollars more in salary. Not only that, I have to try to rebuild a program at this new school. Not only did he not rebuild the program, he actually accomplished becoming the worst head coach in school history. Now I’m tired of this drive, so let me see if I can go back to the school I left high and dry to see if I can get my old job back...[/quote]

stop acting like a middle school girl.........with all your drama........the money was worth the move, but not 2 x the salary..........go worry about your undisciplined team.......i hear it is getting worse.......
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Re: McCormick

by ST Rebels 72 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:58 am

Keep listening to the lies, but honestly, I don't think anyone i their right mind is telling you anything about ST. You're not hearing lies, you telling them yourself...
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Re: McCormick

by vernman » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:05 pm

I agree with "72". The coach needs and demands loyalty and deication from the members of the team, but is'nt this a two way street, the coach should also display loyalty and dedication to the team. Why a coach leave a team that he has built to championship caliber is beyond me. I understand every one wants more money, but money is not everything, these kids believe in their coach. and when he leaves them
they feel letdown by the man they trusted and believed in. jmo
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