Avoiding Complacency & 2018 SP Stallions

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Avoiding Complacency & 2018 SP Stallions

Postby 5thqtr » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:47 pm

Said it on another thread; but "some of these kids have not started and finished a season w/o a state championship"! No way in adults to control the feeling of entitlement; let alone kids! This is why despite super talented teams before this years Stallions from Dillon, Byrnes, I forget the other squads who had a chance to go 5 in a row...……...it's so hard! What has pushed some of the teams who have been coming up short has been "THAT STING" of losing! These kids don't have that valuable "STING"!
I'll be called a "Homer" or someone who is making excuses except for all of the following! Are all of these organizations making excuses too? No. It's the truth and for those who aren't "G2" equipped enough to understand ……….bless your heart!!!!
2018 Stallions have enough talent to win it...……….but only if some leaders emerge who push their teammates!
Only if it comes from the players who will have to go the extra mile to do the little things to make themselves better. To make plays when nobody else is making plays. B/C to me this group is still expecting Eli and DK - "TO COME BAIL THEM OUT"! And they haven't realized (for sleep walking) "it's all on them to make a play or to make plays period"!
WS2 - we got to challenge some of them seniors to hold the young playmakers accountable in practice. And in games to make plays.
Take a look at these organizations or groups or individuals who have been successful who "Battle Complacency"!


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