Great Falls coach 'asked' to step aside

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Great Falls coach 'asked' to step aside

by bhmccorm » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:11 pm

Red Devils looking for a new coach, a bit of a surprise given that Scotty Steen had helped turn the program around after a 19-game losing streak over the course of almost 3 full seasons. Went 4-6 last year. Will be an interesting hire because it's a difficult job: ... vlink=Lead
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Re: Great Falls coach 'asked' to step aside

by Beanie » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:55 pm

Who do they expect to get there? If they can get 25-30 kids out for football they are rolling in high cotton.

Consolidation of all three Chester County schools(GF, Lewisville, Chester) is long overdue.
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Re: Great Falls coach 'asked' to step aside

by Truefan » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:59 am

Consolidation of all three schools may be a little over board. Chester has its program on the right track. However! I can see where combining GF and Lewisville will help their football but pays very little dividends in ANY other athletic or academic phases.
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